Data Use Agreement Form for the 2009-10 Ghana Socioeconomic Panel Survey

In receiving these data it is recognized that the data are supplied for use within my organization, and I agree to the following stipulations as conditions for the use of the data:

1. The data are supplied solely for the use described in this form and will not be made available to other organizations or individuals. Other organizations or individuals may request the data directly.

2. The researcher will refer to the 2009-10 Ghana Socioeconomic Panel Survey as the source of the information in all publications, conference papers, and manuscripts with the following statement :

“The data used in this paper come from the 2009-10 Ghana Socioeconomic Panel Study Survey which is a nationally representative survey of over 5,000 households in Ghana. The survey is a joint effort undertaken by the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) at the University of Ghana, and the Economic Growth Centre (EGC) at Yale University. It was funded by the Economic Growth Center. At the same time, ISSER and the EGC are not responsible for the estimations reported by the analyst(s).”

3. Users who download the data may not pass the data to third parties.

4. The database cannot be used for commercial ends, nor can it be sold.

Only download the data if you agree to the terms listed above, and you have filled in the information below:

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