EGC-CMF Tamil Nadu Panel Survey Overview

The Yale EGC-CMF Tamil Nadu Panel Survey is a collaboration between the Yale Economic Growth Center and the Center for Micro Finance, IFMR in Chennai.
The survey includes all persons in a random sample of 10,000 households located in 200 rural villages and 200 sampling units in non-rural areas of Tamil Nadu state in India. There are three main components to the survey: a questionnaire administered to all households in each of the 200 villages (census households), a set of questionnaires based on in-house interviews with the 10,000 sampled households, and village/community questionnaires 
Three main features of the design are: a. all transaction by the sampled households in rural areas will be linked with the census households and with immediate relatives of the households heads not residing in the villages to more precisely characterize social networks and interlinking of contracts, b. all individuals are administered internationally standardized cognition tests, and c. all individuals in the sampled households will be followed, wherever they reside, to fully measure social and spatial mobility. It is expected that the survey will be repeated, following all individuals, at intervals of three years in coordination with the other ongoing and planned EGC panel surveys. For additional information, please visit

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