EGC Surveys

Panel Surveys Overview

Two large-scale panel surveys have been initiated by the Economic Growth Center in India and Ghana to gather data that will be used to study the pathways through which social and political institutions influence patterns of economic development, while taking into account the possibility that the process of economic development itself may shape the evolution of these institutions.  In addition, the data will be used to examine the dynamic relationships between economic change and broader measures of human well-being.

The projects have three components:  a survey of households and their enterprises; an inventory of the village/neighborhood infrastructure; and a complete listing of the village/neighborhood population and their socioeconomic characteristics.  The EGC is collaborating with the Center for Micro Finance (CMF) at the Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR) in Chennai on the India surveys and with the Ghana Statistical Service and the University of Ghana on the Ghanaian surveys.

It is expected that the panel surveys will continue for at least twelve years, and that there will be new survey rounds at least every three years. All individuals in the baseline survey will be included in future rounds, regardless of where they may have traveled to.  The survey instruments themselves are not static and will evolve over the duration of the fieldwork.  EGC faculty and graduate students are encouraged to add modules of interest to the surveys.

EGC-ISSER Ghana Panel Survey

EGC-CMF Tamil Nadu Panel Survey

Library Resources

The work of researchers at the Economic Growth Center is facilitated by the resources of Yale’s Center for Science and Social Science Information. The Economic Growth Center Collection which is housed at CSSSI, focuses on materials relating to statistics, economics, and planning in over 100 developing countries and includes over 3,900 serially issued government publications and other publications from research institutions and intergovernmental organizations. Also available through the CSSSI is the Social Science Data Archive (SSDA) which is a collection used for statistical analysis of survey and numeric data. The collection contains data distributed by the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, the U.S. Government, the International Monetary Fund, Standard & Poor’s Compustat Services, the Center for Research on Security Prices, and other data collecting groups. Finally, a new CSSSI Economics Homepage includes links to economics journals at Yale, descriptions of economic data sources, links to economic data on the Internet, a list of working papers at the CSSSI, and links to full-text economics working papers on the web.

Data Archive


The Economic Growth Center has purchased a number of datasets for use exclusively by EGC faculty and students.  These files include unit-level data from the household/establishment surveys carried out by India’s National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) and from India’s Annual Survey of Industries (ASI).  These data are not in the public domain and access to them is limited to members of the EGC.  For permission to use the data and information about accessing the files, please contact Lindsay Young.
At regular intervals, the NSSO undertakes nation-wide household surveys of consumer expenditure and employment. It also carries out a number of other surveys such as surveys of unorganized manufacturing, debt and investment, and informal non-agricultural enterprises. The EGC’s collection includes unit-level data from NSSO surveys starting in 1983. 
The ASI is an annual survey of registered factories across India. It is the only nationally representative survey of the factory sector (a “factory” is a manufacturing establishment that meets a minimum employment criterion). ASI unit-level data are available for 1982-83, 1987-88, 1993-94 and 1999-2000.