Graduate Student Support

Sylff Fellowships

(The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund)

Approximately six Sylff Fellowship Awards will be made each year to the most promising 3rd and 4th year economics PhD students in development economics. The fellowship awards will be allocated by the Sylff Committee, which will meet each year in May to determine the recipients of these fellowships in the following academic year.  These awards will be in the form of a full or partial tuition award to the Yale Graduate School, plus up to $2000 in funds for the purchase of data or other justified expenses related to the student’s dissertation research.  The Sylff Fellows will receive priority in the allocation of office space for graduate students in the Economic Growth Center.  Recipients of these awards who are in their third year may request they be deferred to their fourth year, but they should expect their candidacy in the later year will be reevaluated as part of the competitive pool in that subsequent year. There are no applications for these awards.

Internal Research Funding

Sylff Research Awards

Approximately four grants for research in economic development will be awarded each year. The award competition is open to all department graduate students in their third or subsequent year.  Applications for these awards will be accepted until April 1 and October 1 of each year, and winners announced as soon thereafter as possible.  The Sylff research proposal should include no more than a two-page (1,000 words) statement of the research question, methods of analysis, data sources, and time frame for the research.  A budget will also be required, which may include living expenses, travel expenses, costs of data collection or purchase, and other justified research expenses. Applicants should also apply for an external grant for any research costs in excess of $10,000 (to SSRC, NSF, NIH, YCIAS, etc.), and include a copy of this grant application with the Sylff research application. A committee of faculty of the Economic Growth Center will meet twice a year to make these allocations as funds permit.  

Please email application to Professor Rohini Pande at

EGC Research Awards

Additional funding may be available through the EGC development research funds and the Evenson fund.

Past Research Award Recipients

External Research Funding

EGC supports student applications for external research funds. Students working in Development Economics, broadly defined, are also eligible for support through the Weiss Fund for Research. The program funds projects that address a wide range of issues affecting less developed countries.

The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab offers travel grant and pilot funds through sponsorship by Yale faculty who are J-PAL affiliates. A recent example is a call for proposals through the Governance Initiative.